Cuts causing audio shift when ts is compressed

Begonnen von SamiS, Dezember 27, 2022, 11:58:48

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Hi everyone, happy holidays whatever's left of it!
Seems I've been TS-Doctor user for exactly 2 yrs today  ;D

I have a problem I've come across, but only now had some time to test it better:
When I make cuts (ie remove commercial breaks) and then compress the resulting .ts file (tried StaxRip and AVIdemux, x264 & x265)
- compression process often halts at the cut point
- if it happens to run through whole file, every cut produces shift in audio (+subtitles? did not check properly yet), which accumulates to very distracting result towards end

Every cut creates an error like this when you run the resulting .ts-file through ProjectX:
!> dropping GOP# 1536 @ orig.PTS 03:27:41.234 (1121511115), errorcode: 24
!> Pics exp/cnt 3/1, inGOP PTS diff. 0ms, new Timecode 00:12:18.760
!> startPTS of GOP# 1537 is earlier than the end of last GOP.. (exp. 1121511115)
!> dropping GOP# 1537 @ orig.PTS 03:27:41.154 (1121503915), errorcode: 10
!> Pics exp/cnt 6/6, inGOP PTS diff. 0ms, new Timecode 00:12:18.760
!> PTS difference of 14400 (00:00:00.160) to last exported GOP detected
!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP# 1538 / new Timecode 00:12:18.760

I've attached example log from ProjectX, along with TS-Doctor log of the previous step of the process. This should be easily repeatable as I've tried with a variety of different material with same result.

As it stands, ProjectX corrects the error in audio, so SD-material without subtitles I can work with just fine. ProjectX can not handle HD.

I tried quite a few settings hoping for a miracle, without luck. Any help to settings / use of another software like ProjectX for HD would be greatly appreciated !

Answers like 'hard drives are cheap, why compress' are also appreciated, and my current method, but would like to get to the bottom of this. I'm cheap that way  ;)



I'm not an expert in TS-Doctor, but are you sure you made the cut points on I-Frames? The beginning of the "cut-out" (to be omitted) might be located anywhere, but the first frame which is again part of the resulting stream must be an I-Frame, otherwise the stream will be broken until the next I-Frame appears. Just to make sure this basic requirement is fulfilled...


Yes, forgot to mention that. Actually I've always made all cut points on I-frame. Now tried with only the first frames on I-frames like you described, to see if there's any difference. End result is the same, but sure enough ProjectX log is cleaner with no errors from the beginnings of cut-outs. So maybe that's a clue..

-> starting export of video data @ GOP# 14
!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP# 14 / new Timecode 00:00:00.000
!> dropping GOP# 1536 @ orig.PTS 03:40:09.954 (1188895915), errorcode: 24
!> Pics exp/cnt 18/16, inGOP PTS diff. 0ms, new Timecode 00:12:11.200
!> PTS difference of 46800 (00:00:00.520) to last exported GOP detected
!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP# 1537 / new Timecode 00:12:11.200
!> dropping GOP# 2612 @ orig.PTS 03:48:46.714 (1235404315), errorcode: 24
!> Pics exp/cnt 3/2, inGOP PTS diff. 0ms, new Timecode 00:20:47.360
!> startPTS of GOP# 2613 is earlier than the end of last GOP.. (exp. 1235404315)
!> dropping GOP# 2613 @ orig.PTS 03:48:46.674 (1235400715), errorcode: 10
!> Pics exp/cnt 12/12, inGOP PTS diff. 0ms, new Timecode 00:20:47.360
!> PTS difference of 39600 (00:00:00.440) to last exported GOP detected
!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP# 2614 / new Timecode 00:20:47.360



Hi, I have the same problem with 2.x first and also with 3.x.
When I play the TS file recorded from receiver, i adio is in sync with th evideo, also if i go up and down into the file.
When i cut file in 2-3 part for remove advertising, .TS file are still in sync, but if i convert this .TS fine in all ways (direct, demuxing first, 1000 ways) the result is out of sync.


TS-Doctor cuts files without reencoding the video stream. To avoid problems at the cut points, TS-Doctor choose i-frames at the cut in and the cut out and removes all data packets inbetween them. As every audio and video frame has a dedicated timer, the file stays in sync.

Most video converts unfortunately ignore those timers and create a scar at the cut points.


I experienced the same problem. Is there a recommendation on how to convert ts files into a more compressed format?


Zitat von: ben-no am März 03, 2024, 20:30:13Is there a recommendation on how to convert ts files into a more compressed format?
not without recoding.
Using extenal tools like Handbrake or VideoReDo (Does it still exist?) will result in much much smaller files. Either packed as mp4 or mkv.
Size reduction can be up to a factor 4 or 5, depending on input material.

This happens because TS is a very "blown up" format used for transmission over not error safe distribution channels. It contains a lot of "full pics" to allow zapping in without having to wait long for the next pic to begin (black phase until a video can be shown).
This is irrelevant for storage based video sources like dvds or hard disks. The here used PS format contains a lot less overhead.

But you cannot just strip those parts from a TS, you need to reconstruct all the depending parts like timers, syncs and so on. Thats why it needs a total reencode.

BTW, Handbrake is capable to "catch up" the missing audio so that the audio does not "run away" after some cuts.
But in general, the fewer cuts, the better. Audio usually comes ahead of the video (smaller, can be buffered more easily by playback devices). Cuts are done based on Video Frames, so there is always a bit of audio lost ahead of the cut area. Thats not avoidable.