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Begonnen von Cypheros, Januar 01, 2020, 12:34:06

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The upgrade for customers with a license for version 1.x costs 29.90 Euro.
The upgrade for customers with a license for version 2.x costs 20.90 Euro.

Versions History:

3.2.33  - Hotfix: In the preview, cut point images were no longer shown

3.2.32  - Improved teletext subtitle creation with support for "typewriter" subtitles.
          - Improved detection of PGS subtitles when DataAlignmentIndicator = 0

3.2.31  - Fixed incorrect removal of a part after the main show
          - Open file dialog remembers the last selected file type
          - Fix for Hauppauge AC3 decoder (WinTV) in connection with EAC3 (NRJ12, TF1, 6ter, etc.)

3.2.30  - Reading XML recording information for NextPVR recordings
          - In the settings the offset for DVB subtitles had no effect
          - Fix for Enigma meta files with wrong broadcast information during batch processing

3.2.29  - Improved assignment of program information
          - TV Guide (EPG) for IPTV in TS Player
          - Improved display of Technisat Isio S2 folders
          - Updated tsMuxeR version to import MKVs and other formats

3.2.28  - Improved assignment of program information
          - TV Guide (EPG) for IPTV in TS Player

3.2.27  - Hotfix for incorrect assignment of shipment information when automatic cut is skipped

3.2.26  - Time lapse interval instead of minutes, now in seconds (15 to 300 seconds)
          - Fixed bug in EPG Quick-Scan with missing running status
          - Video analysis can now use the TV guide of the teletext in addition to EIT data to separate shows
          - Assignment of the correct program to public broadcaster improved when only one cut area is available (e.g. ARD: Tatort)
          - TV-Guide data is now also used for AC3 commercial detection to separate broadcasts that are aired without interruption
          - Warning if TV-Guide data is used, that it may be inaccurate
          - Fixed a video analysis bug that could cause the last cut range to be ignored
          - "Open file trimmed" remembers the last opened file name and the last used limit values until a restart of the application

3.2.25  - Ukrainian IPTV channels
          - Fix for TS player problems when window is always in foreground

3.2.24  - Cosmetic improvements to better conform to different skins and resolutions
          - TS-Player can now be set to stay in the foreground
          - Bug fixed when loading EPG data in TS-Player
          - Multithreading problems in TS-Player with IPTV channels from ZDF fixed

3.2.23  - Number of temporary files at TS Player reduced
          - Database of TS-Player now supports links up to 800 characters
          - Problems with changing servers at PlutoTV in TS-Player fixed
          - List of recordings with certain Technisat receivers corrected
          - Sound disturbances in TS-Player with some IPTV stations fixed

3.2.22  - In TS Player it is now possible to specify URLs longer than 256 characters
          - Hotfix for error message with some IPTV channels
          - Improved handling of HTTP redirections in TS-Player
          - Support of more IPTV channels in TS-Player

3.2.21  - Faster termination of IPTV playback
          - Better handling with multiple simultaneous instances of the TS player
          - Display of broadcast title for German IPTV channels

3.2.20  - TS-Player now also recognizes IPTV streams with MP3 and AAC LC SBR audio track
          - TS-Player aborts IPTV streams prematurely if playback is not possible due to geoblocking
          - Problems with wrong code table for Russian teletext subtitles fixed
          - Added some IPTV channels
          - Marking IPTV channels that perform geoblocking or temporary geoblocking
          - Improved playback of IPTV streams on TS player and made playback more stable, especially on slow Internet connections

3.2.19  - Fix for ECconvertError on Enigma recordings with corrupt .meta files
          - Fix for InitializeSRWLock error message at startup on Windows XP
          - Preset individual choice of correct ad recognition even if dialog is disabled
          - TS-Player now also compatible with older video renderer
          - When creating own IPTV channels in TS-Player there was an error message if no channel logo was assigned

3.2.18  - Fix for ad detection using video analysis on Kabel 1.
          - Polish, Czech and Spanish translation of the user manual
          - TS Demuxer: changed file extension for DVB subtitles from .sup to .dvbsub and avoid confusion with other formats
          - TS Demuxer: DVB subtitles are now saved as PES because the elementary stream is missing important timer information
          - TS Demuxer: To distinguish between ES and PES data streams, the file name is appended to the file name
          - Fixed a bug in the TS player that prevented the Cypheros MPEG2 filter from being loaded 

3.2.17  - Multithreading disabled when converting DVB subtitles to SRT, as this negatively affects recognition quality

3.2.16  - DVB subtitles were not converted to SRT, if the recording was in M2TS format (192 byte packets)
          - When recording with several programs in a row, it could happen that some new files were only one KB in size
          - Enigma file update for recordings with more than 2 broadcasts in a row improved

3.2.15  - Hotfix for reduced writing speed

3.2.14  - TS Player improved
          - Fix for high error rate when OCRing the second subtitle line
          - Fix for certain .eit files that were no longer readable with edEIT
          - PCR continuity check can be disabled under correction behaviour

3.2.13  - Problems with playback of TS Player fixed, if the audio is in AAC-LATM format
          - Application report supplemented by the log of the TS Player
          - Hotfix for recordings from Topfield receivers with file extension .rec

3.2.12  - Hotfix for problems with the processing of .eit files from certain channels
          - .eit editor improved
          - Fix for the selection of prefered streams

3.2.11  - Problems with the installer for the TS player fixed.
          - ap and sc files can be created also for non Enigma recordings
          - Some characters like question marks were not filtered, for Windows UPnP links

3.2.10  - Fixed several errors reading data from Enigma .eit files
          - Enigma .eit editor

3.2.9  - TS Packet Filter improved. Sorting by PID and extended to display language for audio and subtitles.
          - TS Player for MacOS and Crossover improved
          - In TS Packet Viewer the PIDs are now displayed and sorted decimally
          - Creation of Enigma files also for recordings with multiple shows in row
          - Automatic adjustment of Enimga .meta files
          - Automatic adjustment of Enimga .eit files
          - More detailed settings for processing Enigma files
          - Enigma .meta editor

3.2.8  - PCR discontinuities are displayed as errors
          - Volume can be changed in the TS-Player with the scroll wheel
          - Dedicated demuxer for playback in TS-Player

3.2.7  - Fix for problems with ZDF channels for IPTV in TS Player
          - Hotkey "i" for IPTV-List in TS-Player
          - Via command line option channel="TV Channelname" an IPTV channel can be started automatically in the TS-Player.
          - Bitrate display for IPTV in TS Player
          - Memory-Leak in TS-Player fixed

3.2.6  - Fix for problems with the skin engine
          - Internal demuxer for IPTV with setting for preferred bitrate (if supported by broadcaster)

3.2.5  - In TS-Player you can create and edit your own IPTV channels

3.2.4  - Fix for copying files with "dlna-playsingle:" URI
          - TS-Player with shortcut to jump from 1 second, 10 seconds and one minute (s z m)
          - TS-Player remembers the last screen position

3.2.3  - Buffer overflow when searching for the first I-frame for UHD recordings, fixed.
          - Fix for recordings from DVB viewer when the beginning of the file is encrypted
          - Fix for fullscreen switching under Windows 7
          - TS-Player disables screen saver when playback is running
          - Problem with the combobox for language selection fixed

3.2.2  - Play button is displayed in the close dialog only if a new file has been created
          - Enigma cuts removed from dialog settings
          - Enigma Cuts now adjustable under Auto Cut
          - Potential problem with teletext scan of short recordings fixed
          - Fixed problem with OCR with empty DVB subtitles
          - IPTV function added to TS-Player

3.2.1  - Windows 11 compatibility
          - Moving start and end of crop areas in the Timeline improved.
          - Language settings are preserved when settings are reset
          - Handling of TV series improved if EPG data is available
          - XP file dialogs improved at higher DPIs
          - Fullscreen playback in the Timeline is performed on the current monitor
          - TS-Player for playing and previewing TS files (ts,mts,m2ts,ts4,dvr,..)
          - Cypheros Audio Filter extended by the open formats Opus and Flac
          - Skin engine updated
          - OCR engine updated
          - Improved subtitle conversion by inserting additional space between two lines
          - OCR functions for validating and repairing words improved
          - Enimga cut list added to ad detection dialog
          - MPEG2 video decoder filter improved