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Although using TS Doctor for many years, I still have a question.
I have recorded a BBC documentary. As usual, recording involves a ts file, and also an .idx and .rap file.
When playing the recording via my sat. receiver I get subtitles.
These subtitles are not part of the ts file.
When editing the ts file for playing via vlc or Kodi (not via the sat. receiver) I loose the subtitles.
Is there a way to edit the ts file with TS Doctor and keep the subtitles?


The problem is your sat recording device. It does not include the subs into the ts file. Look for some settings in it's menus.

I have no problems getting subs (even in color) from BBC channels.


There are two types of subtitels. DVB subtitles in separate streams or teletext subtitles embedded into the teletext stream. The default setting of TS-Doctor is to remove the teletext because some media players getting into trouble if teletext is included. Kodi and VLC should both be able to process a teletext stream.
Under Settings/Preferences/Stream Select you can change the default behavior of TS-Doctor for the teletext stream from "Remove" to "Keep".


Thanks for your reaction

I made a test recording of the BBC. The sat. receiver showed subtitles. I copied the ts file to my PC. I changed the Teletext setting as suggested.
Playing the original ts file: no subtitles
Playing the edited ts file: no subtitles

Then I changed in prefs: extract subtitles

When editing the ts file, an srt file is also generated
When playing the ts file and having the srt file in the same folder, subtitles are shown.


When I am able to extract with TSDoctor the subtitles (srt files), the subtitle info should be present in the ts file.
I looked into the settings of my three mediaplayers (MPC-HC, vlc and Kodi) and I found the relevant settings. All show now the subtitles.
So my issue is solved yet.