apparent advert coding change on ITV recordings

Begonnen von oldteleman, April 05, 2021, 20:42:01

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hello Cypheros,
Thanks for producing this great program.
I have been using it now for two or three years, maybe more.  Recently ITV seem to have made slight changes to how they code the advert breaks,
I have previously been able to make quite professional looking cuts to remove the bumper video which has been run at the beginning and end of each advert break.  Lately they seem to have been playing with the way the I frames are being used. At the beginning of the break, for example "Midsomer Murders" has an animated title sequence,  in the past the sequence would end with a I frame which you could use as a cut point, then at the end of the advert you could use an I frame to begin the next segment of the wanted program. This worked very well indeed,  but now when they run the segment end bumper, the I frame runs on to two or more frames into the advert.  The result of this is when you run the edited video, you now see one or more frames of the advert between segments of the program. Not the end of the world, but anoying all the same!
Curiously, if when editing and come to a break, if you single step backwards, often you can go several frames back it will not change the displayed image , then it would change to the last wanted image and back again, switching without it being an I frame, something I did not think was possible.
Has anyone else reported this and or, worked out how best to get around it?


Do you talk about the SD or HD version of this channel?


A problem regarding I frame detection on MPEG2 videos was fixed in the current version 3.1.11 .