difficulty with BBC recording

Begonnen von Oldman13, April 02, 2021, 07:58:09

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Although in nearly all cases TS Doctor works flawlessly, the last time -probably related with recent Windows Updates- I sometimes experience difficulties with BBC4 recordings.
I have now a TS recording, which gives the following difficulties:
- it plays normally in Windows (vlc or MPC)
- it loads without problem in TS Doctor. Saving the file occurs normally (without problem) and yields 0 warnings and 0 errors.
- in the cutting window reactions are extremely slow or blocking occurs (no sound, no moving images). Cutting for this particular file becomes therefore impossible, also for the file already saved in TS Doctor.
Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, 20H2 version.  TS Doctor 2.2.24
Maybe some setting should be changed, but which?


I solved the issue by changing in settings "Default MPEG Splitter" from automatic to LAV Light Splitter.



I had a different issue with recordings (and not just BBC).
Having just built a Win 10 PC (Yes I know late to the party! but I don't change until I go with new hardware and as the old one was 10 years old...) and reinstalled ver 2.2.4 from my Win 7 machine I was having issues with TS doctor not being able to show vid in cutting screen, mainly with multiple instances running but sometimes randomly with one only. Also had issues with not hearing audio in some instances.

Changing just this option fixed all of the above and it's like new!

Makes me wonder if there's any benefit to changing the other defaults as well! but fix one thing at a time and prove it...