Cutting not possible anymore

Begonnen von Oldman13, Oktober 05, 2020, 08:45:08

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What never gave a problem in the past, started to become a problem now.
Pressing "prepare cutting" only results in the text "video preview". No image becomes visible and cutting the TS file is not possible. Version TS Doctor is 2.2.24
I think the problem started after the v2004 update of Windows 10.
I welcome a solution.


Yes, the Windows update 2004 brings compatibility issues. Try to disable "Use fast smple grabbing" under Settings/Preferences/Preview.


Thanks, I will keep this in mind.
I could solve the issue -at least for the TS file I was working on- by updating LAVLight. Although it gave the impression of updating, the version number did not change (v 0.70.2). Nevertheless, after this "update" TS Doctor preview works again.


My "trick" only worked once. Your suggestion already worked with several files.