picture preview not available editing a large file

Begonnen von marco, März 31, 2020, 14:57:36

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Hello to everybody,
apologies for maybe asking things already sorted out.

I have  a very large recording from 3Sat, a broadcaster known to nearly everybody in this forum.
It is something like 138 GByte and is composed by something like 20 different programs, each spaced by about 1 minute from the other. Although TS-Doctor 2.2 can open the ts, it is not possible to save the individual chunks cause  the picture preview in this case does not work.
Instead picture preview works as usual using files a little smaller in size, such as 118 GByte.

Now this can be sorted out by cutting in two the ts and editing the files, but is there a better way?
Maybe this is cured in the 3.X version?

Thanks in advance.


I guess its not really a size problem, but a time problem.
Each recording contains a certain counter (PCR) which wrappes around ever 26hrs or so.
If your recording is longer than this, there are positions with identical timecodes, the decoder cannot decide which pic to show.
Cut your recording into smaller files and try again.


the recording is about 23 hours 39 minutes.
My SAT recorder would not allow more than 23 hours and 59 minutes recording.

I've cut it down in two chunks, roughly 13 hours each overlapping, and I can see all the preview pictures and work on the files.

It is not a big problem, I can also live with it.
I was just curious.


Zitat von: marco am April 01, 2020, 02:46:19
the recording is about 23 hours 39 minutes.
My SAT recorder would not allow more than 23 hours and 59 minutes recording.

Yeah, the Problem can even happen within much smaller/shorter files. You have no influence AT WHICH TIME this timer wraps around. If it happens, the front part of the recording looks like it would be older than the part after the wrap. This also confuses processing (playback is usually not affected, the players just ignore this counter), but the Doc can detect this situation and offers a fix then (it rewrites the whole file starting the counter with 0 at the beginning and counting upwards. the resulting file will not have a wrap then, unless it is too long).
Its not really a bug, its part of the DVB system.
Now, that you know it, you can work around it. Just make shorter recordings, maybe a seperate timer for each film.


Thanks again,

in this case it was impossible to make a single recording for each film. About 20 of them were broadcast with time spacing as little as 1 or 2 minutes.

My Humax recorder allows just 0, 2, 5 or 10 minutes as a period to record before and after the actual timing of the film and cannot record the same show in two different files at the same time, so I would always get truncated recordings unless I use 0 minutes.

But if I use "0" then I would have to rely on strict time broadcasting precision,
i.e a show timed for 05h00 shall have to start precisely at that time and not at 05h00 + 10 seconds.

Now, 3Sat is german broadcaster and their timing is usually extremely good, especially compared to others in my country, but I cannot pretend them to have the precision of an atomic clock.