PCR position change

Begonnen von juanalberto, Februar 26, 2020, 05:08:14

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Hello! I have a problem with some files, the system i am working on needs that the PCR to be in the 3rd package. so my question is:
1. Can TS-Dr. change the position of the PCR?
2. I do this in an manual way (split the file and move just the that package and then merge the parts again) the TS-Doctor fix the sequence, but when i export it, the file is change to variable bit rate (original is CBR) and I need CBR file... I could not find any option so the file that is saved doesnt change to Variable Bit rate.

Any suggestion?


The PCR is the main timer of a transport stream and in most cases embedded in the video stream. In some cases the PCR has it own stream.

If the PCR has it's own stream, you can change the PID of that stream but you can not move the PCR from the video stream to one of the audio streams. As the PCR is controlling the playback and synchronization between audio and video, the timing is complicated and has to be perfectly aligned to the PTS timers of every stream.

CBR is only important for broadcasting. Most enduser tools like TS-Doctor removing filler pakets to reduce file size.