TSDoctor v3 Is this a new purchase required?

Begonnen von netmask56, Februar 09, 2020, 05:23:44

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I just updated my registered version 2.2.24 and it installed v3 and didn't recognise my registration. To go to v3 does this require a new payment and registration?  I uninstalled v3 and then opened my version and did a check for an update and it said there weren't any.   Normally in the past I would get an email. So what's the story?
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Hi Dude, you are right.
After 4 years of free updates, version 3.0 needs an upgrade you have to pay for.
But as a customer with a version 2.x, you can get a discount, if you enter the serial number of your version 2.x. You will find the serial in the menu under Help/About or on your invoice.

Please check out this thread for details: Current Version 3.0.9