Video conversion of HD.TS file for DVD

Begonnen von PerryM, November 06, 2017, 18:33:02

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I wonder if I could bend your collective ears!
I have occasionally the need to down-res an HD .ts file (as fixed by TS Doctor) into an MPEG2 file for DVD production. My preferred DVD Author needs demuxed video & audio components. When I record SD .ts files, I run them through ProjectX to demux and that works fine.
I am struggling to find a video conversion app (Win 10, preferably free) that will convert an HD (h.264) .ts file to a file that ProjectX will accept without hundreds of timing errors. I have been trying Avidemux but to no great success. A conversion app that directly produces the demuxed MPEG2 components would be ideal.
Any ideas gratefully received.


I'm afraid that you will not find a freeware solution because the h.264 video stream must be re-encoded for DVD production without harming the *.ts container/file.
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The problem is, if you have reception errors in the stream most converters will fail, even the most expensive.

My recommendation is to avoid conversion of TS recordings.


thanks guys. I used Handbrake to get a very acceptable MPEG2 file, but it has to be in an MPEG4 container. I cannot find anything that will demux it.