With latest update 4.0.38 i cant open files in software

Begonnen von olegzzka, April 01, 2024, 00:10:23

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 Hi, i was using for years version 3 tsdoctor and was happy with software but since i moved to windows 11 i forced to install tsdoctor version 4.0 who absolutelly terrible 
I installed and your software start broke audio streams in saving files firstly, now i updated to 4.0.38 and got weirdo errors with no openning menu with audio-video-subtitle streams into main menu software
i cant even click on save or repair button in bottom of main menu software

can it somehow be fixed ?

and its not possible somehow use version 2 on windows 11 ? i liked version2 but forced to use version 4 instead

there i posted screenshot with problem, please help find solution 


Did you try to install version 2.2 on Windows 11? With some limitations regarding speed and the supported audio and video formats, it should work.

For me the problems with TS-Doctor looking like you use a cracked version of TS-Doctor 4 or an invalid license file.

If the problem persists, please send the application report via email to support(et)cypheros.de. You can find the application report in TS-Doctor under Help.