Current version 2.2.24

Begonnen von Cypheros, Februar 14, 2016, 21:55:06

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Download: TS-Doctor 2.2 (ca. 53MByte)

2.2.24  - Hotfix for Windows 10 19383, compatibility mode
           - Improved Teletext analysis

2.2.23  - Fixed video analysis for new smaller logo at Tele 5
           - Incorrect PTS values in teletext of Yle no longer flood the log
           - Adjustment for changed Teletext for Tele5, Sat1, Pro7, Kabel1

2.2.22  - Fix for spanish subtitles with DVB Language-Descriptor ESP
           - Recording start time for Enigma recordings is now read from the .meta, if available
           - Display of satellite position for Enigma recordings
           - Improved detection and correction of PCR errors in Panasonic recordings cutted with the receiver

2.2.21  - Support for ADS information of NextPVR recordings
           - AC3 audio tracks were not detected if the AC3_Discriptor was missing in the PMT (Chinese channel)
           - Potential delay of program start fixed by certificate check

2.2.20  - Hotfix for AC3 buffer overflow at certain channels

2.2.19  - Changes of the number of audio channels was not displayed in the log
           - File Merger now accepts slightly larger time differences in files

2.2.18  - Detection of the PGS subtitle format
           - PGS subtitles can be removed or included
           - Update of the OCR engine for subtitles
           - Detection of the Dolby Vision descriptor in the PMT
           - Advanced stream analysis to Detect DTS audio parameters
           - Fix for "No cutting area assigned " entries in the log at certain settings
           - Displays audio language for bluray m2ts files
           - Uniform display of PID, audio codec, channels and language for the sound track selection in the Cut window

2.2.15  - Problems for show informations via Teletext about Midnight fixed
           - Problems for show informations via Teletext for Pro7 fixed
           - Save the most recently used directory fixed for splitted files
           - Number of supported subtitle tracks increased from 4 to 8
           - Timer jumps were sometimes not fixed correctly

2.2.14  - Hotfix for recordings that could not be saved without cutting

2.2.13  - If the PTS is out of standards for teletext (e.g.: RAI), the PCR is used instead
           - Improved error handling in case of problems with the Cypheros MPEG2 video decoder filter
           - Improved teletext TV guide for longer titles for RAI
           - OCR engine updated for subtitles
           - Certain faulty files could not be opened and showed the error message "File position:-4 "
           - EPG scan can now be canceled if needed

2.2.12  - Workaround for erroneous EPG data at Sky
           - Sat channel list updated
           - Commercial detection via video analysis can now also be executed for individual shows

2.2.11  - Faster finding of channel logos for video analysis
           - Special treatment of station logos that also include the broadcasting title (US TV)
           - Improved video analysis for Australian broadcaster ABC
           - When opening recordings cutted, the file name was not included in the save file dialog

2.2.10  - Fixed a problem in the UPnP dialog with changed Windows date settings
           - Adjusting the mouse position in the cut window when changing the scale of the timeline
           - Error message if the batch list could not be loaded

2.2.9   - For longer recordings (3 hours and more), PIDs are now searched at additional places (extended PID scan)
           - For recordings of several shows in a row, the video is analysed for each show individually
           - Better result of the commercials detection via video analysis
           - Fix for some bugs in the video analysis procedure

2.2.8   - Update of the digital certificate for offline systems
           - Cutting import list remembers if "import only cuts" has been selected

2.2.7   - When using the internal MPEG2 video decoder filter, the image was displayed the wrong way in the video analysis
           - List of most recently opened files has not been sufficiently shortened
           - Improvements in advertising detection via video analysis

2.2.6   - Fixed: Internal video and audio decoder could not be used in the trial version

2.2.5   - Improved frame accurate jumping in internal MPEG2 video decoder
           - Fixed an error in the selection of sound and subtitle tracks in the cutting window
           - Fixed a potential problem when closing the application
           - In addition to MP2, the internal audio decoder now supports AC3

2.2.4   - Issues with H265 parser fixed (problems with Canal+ UHD)
           - If using the Cypheros MPEG2 video decoder filter along with the Cypheros Video Renderer, the image was mirrored
           - Improved import of MKV files
           - Fix for "narrated" audio stream also if Haali splitter is used

2.2.3   - Fixed AR problems with Cypheros MPEG 2 video decoder filter
           - New MPEG2 video decoder filter was ignored whis setting  "AUTOMATIC"
           - Sporadic index error message for disabling cutting images

2.2.2   - In the Timeline panel, some English channels no longer play the "narrated" audio stream first
           - Timeline in timeline can now be scaled

2.2.1   - Own MPEG2 video decoder filter
           - Improved omport of MP4/MOV files from movie libraries
           - Fixed audio problems in the cut window for movie library files with AAC sound
           - Automatically cleaning up the temporary Firebird directory
           - "Check only" stores the log file in the TS-Doctors "ProgramData" directory when the target folder is not writable