Preview with speed > 1x freezes on the cutting form

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I am evaluating TS-Doctor. Your product correspond to what I am looking for, but I am facing a problem : on the cutting form the program freezes after several "Play"/"Pause" at a speed greater than 1x and windows (seven 64bits) complains that the program don't answer any more.

The info given by Windows is :

Signature du problème :
  Nom d'événement de problème: AppHangB1
  Nom de l'application: TSDoctor.exe
  Version de l'application:
  Horodatage de l'application: 5073e8f3
  Signature de blocage: 7ba0
  Type de blocage: 513
  Version du système: 6.1.7601.
  Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 1036
  Signature de blocage supplém. 1: 7ba0b02518737470efd1c30fba1014bd
  Signature de blocage supplém. 2: 106d
  Signature de blocage supplém. 3: 106da5a4da0d2fc3b199bb1028fb0469
  Signature de blocage supplém. 4: 7ba0
  Signature de blocage supplém. 5: 7ba0b02518737470efd1c30fba1014bd
  Signature de blocage supplém. 6: 106d
  Signature de blocage supplém. 7: 106da5a4da0d2fc3b199bb1028fb0469

I hope I am clear enought (English is not my mother language).
Don't hesitate to ask if you want more info.

Thanks for your support.


Is the problem the same for HDTV (high definition) and SDTV (standard resolution)?
For HDTV you need a faster computer with at least a dual core 2x2.4 GHz.

Maybe the video and audio filter the TS-Doctor uses on your system are not good enough. You can install the OpenSource LAVFilters to be sure that the filters are working good for DVB streams. Installation is simple, just look under settings/supported tools/LAVFilters and use the "Download and Install" button. After download and install press OK and the TS-Doctor will restart. From now on the TS-Doctor will use the LAVFilters for playback.


Thanks for your answer :

- my PC is a 4-Core i5 760 @2800 MHz, with 8 Go of memory.
- my video card is an ATI Radeon HD 5450 with 1 Go Sdram

The LAVFilters were already installed when I faced the freezes.

The problem is with videos 720*576 (SDTV). I have not tried with HDTV (I don't have for the time being).
At speed 4x, the used CPU is always less than 30%.
I think that my configuration is powerfull enough for fast preview.

Continuing to test, it really looks like that freeze is connected with the speed drop down list.
Selecting a speed and clicking once more on the drop down arrow causes the program to freeze.

I forgot to mention I was using the French translation, but I just verified that the freeze happens also in English and German, just using several times the Speed drop down list and "play/pause" button...

New Edit:
In the preference/preview screen switching the "default video renderer" from AUTOMATIC to "enhanced video renderer" seems to have fixed the problem ?
BUT with that choice, it is now the thumbnail view which freezes !!
As we say in french "c'est fromage OU desert", not both :-(
Any suggestion ?

Enhancement suggestion : keep the selected speed instead of reset it to 1x when pausing.