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Version 2.1.11
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Cette version de TS-Doctor est uniquement destinée à tester les améliorations et les nouvelles fonctions.
La probabilité d'avoir des incidents du programme et des erreurs est très élevée et vous ne devriez installer cette version que si vous avez des connaissances suffisantes en informatique et également sur les flux de transport. Vous devez également être capable de réinstaller une version plus ancienne si nécessaire.

Pour cette version il n'y a aucun support disponible, seuls les messages d'erreurs et les problèmes sont recueillis pour effectuer des corrections appropriées pour la version finale.

En cas de problèmes avec la version bêta actuelle, vous pouvez généralement toujours installer une version plus ancienne sur cette bêta.

Journal des modifications (Anglais):

  • Recreation of Enigma index files AP and SC for H.265 recordings (DVB-T2)
  • Bug while loading of .tsdcuts files fixed
  • Bug in MP2 checksum fixed (e.g. ZDF neo)

  • Leading numbers are no longer truncated when splitting files
  • "Modal window cannot..." Fixed error message after closing the new screenshot scaling window
  • AC3 advertising recognition could not be started manually for recording with EAC3 sound
  • Fixed AC3 advertising detection error where AC3 advertising recognition was not preferred under certain conditions
  • Fixed problems with the directory tree when USB drives were connected or removed
  • Folder refresh with "F5"

  • Detects transstream files even if they are wrongly named as .mpg
  • Double file naming warning

  • Configurable screenshot scaling
  • GUI improved for disabled skin
  • File name setting "Keep original file name" also retains the file name of the source file when recording has multiple shows

  • Some cut operations have not been applied to the file splitter bar
  • Number of supported audio streams increased from 4 to 10
  • Fixed bug in MPEG1/Layer2 CRC check, which caused only the first audio stream to be validated

  • Selection of current transponder/channel data improved
  • Update of the file splitter bar to make the feature more user-friendly

  • A simple click on a free file area in the file splitter bar allows you to create a new file
  • Verification of file names from the file splitter bar
  • Various GUI enhancements
  • Support for MKVToolnix > = version 20.0

  • File splitting reworked
  • GUI of the main form improved

  • Fixed an error in the video analysis (RTL2 logo was partially not recognized)
  • File splitting improved
  • New cutting list file ".tsdcuts" in XML format

  • H.265-Fix for LAVFilter improved
  • Problem "argument out of range" at end of analysis fixed
  • CRC check for MPEG1/Layer2 streams
  • Fixed bugs in the new file splitter bar

  • Detection of the channel bouquet
  • Channel specific advertising recognition
  • Faster video analysis
  • Use of the Windows 10 H.265 MFC filter, if installed
  • Sporadically incorrect detection of the VPS signal fixed
  • Fix in the H.265 parser at ScalingListData in the PictureParameterSet for UHD-BluRay
  • Display of the Colorimetry and the HDR standard
  • Restart of the application on Windows 10 fixed
  • Reset of all settings improved
  • Fixed problem in the timeline with wine and crossover under MacOS/Linux
  • GUI support for Slovak language
  • Improved time line
  • If the start time of the recording is detected, the time line in the main window displays the time
  • Simplified distribution of multiple shows to different files