TS-Doctor Video Editor BETA Area

Newest Beta version

Version 2.0.76
Version info


This version of the TS-Doctor  is only intended to test new functions and enhancements.
Probability for the progam crashes and errors is very high and you should install this version only if you have sufficient pc skills and insights into the matter of the transport streams and to be able to install an older version if necessary.

For this version there is no support available, only error messages and problems are collected to perform appropriate fixes for the final release version.

In case of problems with the current beta you can usually always just install an older version over this beta.

Change log:

  • Fix for invalid filenames for UPnP downloads (Panasonic 55AS750 series)
  • Option for DVB conform repetition of PAT and PMT

  • Fix detection of current DirectX version for Windows 10
  • Option to start with an empty cutting list
  • Sorting the file list is now restored correctly after a restart
  • View in Packet Viewer improved for M2TS recording
  • Fix for subtitle language of Finnish channel YLE
  • Missing OCR training files can now be downloaded automatically
  • OCR training files now under "C:\ProgramData\Cypheros\TsDoctor2\OCR"

  • Teletext database was not installed
  • Support for recordings with PCM audio

  • Change of cutting point in the cutting window is working again

  • Conversion of internal databases to FireDAC
  • Improved OCR engine for DVB subtitles
  • Fixed problem with color detection for DVB subtitles
  • Maximum text display time for DVB subtitle exporting is now dynamically adjusting
  • Windows 10 notifications
  • Transition to a new version of the compiler
  • Cut list was not deleted from EDL file when a new file is opened
  • Enhanced DPI adjustment
  • Message for unsupported video formats in the TS Format Converter
  • Support for MKVToolnix 11.0
  • H.265 support for MKV in TS Remuxer
  • OCR data to improve the detection of DVB subtitles for German, English, French and Spanish
  • Multithreaded OCR for DVB subtitles
  • High-precision OCR mode with up to 50% less errors (very CPU-intensive)